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Probate is the process in which your last will and testament is admitted to court. Where an individual does not have a will, the process in which his estate is handled in thru an estate administration. Both scenarios can be somewhat stressful and difficult in the best of times, but it can be even more so if probate litigation is required. As an experienced probate lawyer, Brian Bronsther is able to assist residents of Albany County, NY, and the Capital Region. He aims to make the process significantly easier, providing both advice and guidance throughout.

Trust a Reliable Attorney to Help with Probate Litigation

Sometimes, the probate process goes relatively smoothly. Other times, however, disputes may arise. If a will is contested, then probate litigation may be required in order to sort things out. As your probate attorney, lawyer Bronsther will work tirelessly in order to help settle any issues. The probate process can be difficult to navigate if you don’t have full knowledge of the probate law. For that reason, partnering with a qualified attorney. When working with The Bronsther Law Firm, you’ll get to understand what is needed from you and the steps that need to be followed. Preparing everything before passing away is a way to offer some relief to your relatives who won’t have to stress during an already challenging situation. Talk to an attorney to find out more.

Probate a Will and Recieve Advice

Attorney Bronsther is experienced with probate law and provides his clients with personalized service. Call him today if you need a probate lawyer near Albany County, NY, or any of the following locations:


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