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An estate that is structured according to your needs will offer many benefits to the people you love. In addition to passing on your assets in the manner you see fit, your estate plan will provide guidance to your family upon your death. For some people, estate planning can help to minimize the impact of the estate and inheritance taxes upon death. For others, estate planning is a way to ensure that their children are well cared for. Estate planning can also help families fund charitable endeavors.

The attorney you select to help you with your estate planning will make a difference. You need a lawyer who is fully invested in creating a plan that fits your family's specific situation. For years, families across the Capital Region and beyond have put their estate planning needs in the hands of Brian H. Bronsther of The Bronsther Law Firm P.C.

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Creating The Full Range Of Estate Planning Instruments

Licensed to practice law in New York and Florida, Brian H. Bronsther will work closely with you to find out what type of estate plan works best for you. We create all types of estate planning tools for our clients, including:

  • Wills
  • Trusts, including A-B, Crummey, Gift, QPRTs, GRATs, QDOTs, QTIPs, Spendthrift trusts and more
  • Family Limited Partnerships, living trusts and life estates

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Buy-sell agreements for family-owned and closely held businesses
  • Asset Protection Trusts

Along with our estate planning practice, we help families who have lost a loved one navigate the probate and estate administration process.

Regardless of your age, family structure or assets, you can realize substantial benefits from an estate plan. Let us help.

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