Real Estate

Are you buying a home?

Buying a home is usually the biggest single investment of one's lifetime. Since much of your life savings may be invested in this one venture, it is extremely important that you, as a prospective buyer, use the greatest caution in buying a home.

How can an attorney help a real estate buyer? An attorney can:

  • Draft or review the buyer's Offer to Purchase;
  • Review and advise the buyer about a buyer agency agreement, and help negotiate counter offers and amendments to the Offer to Purchase;
  • Help evaluate financing options and resolve any problems;
  • Help you decide how to hold title to the property;
  • Review the commitment for title insurance;
  • Review closing documents;
  • Help answer questions and resolve problems during the course of the transactions;
  • Represent you at the closing;
  • Provide advice if you're building a home;
  • Review your mortgage commitment

Why work with Brian Bronsther as your real estate attorney?

The Bronsther Law Firm, P.C. has been representing buyers and sellers for a number of years and has provided and continues to provide valuable advice to its clients on an ongoing basis. In particular, you want an experienced attorney to help navigate through these real estate issues. Mr. Bronsther has been handling real estate transactions for over 30 years. In particular he has been practicing real estate law in the Capital Region for over 25 years. Besides being involved in the closings of hundreds of real estate transactions, he has served as general counsel to Income Property Associates, Inc., a real estate investment firm with holdings in several states. He can provide you with representation in the buying of real estate, in the matters of:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements (contracts for sale, contracts for purchase, contracts for exchange, land contracts, installment contracts, commercial real estate, deeds, affidavits, and closings of land, buildings, and homes);
  • Lease (land, buildings and homes);
  • Encumbrances (easements, licenses, assignments, covenants, restrictions and other agreements involving real estate);
  • Construction (contracts, defects, mechanics and construction liens, and payment disputes); and
  • Loans (mortgages, notes, closings, satisfactions, and releases).

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Are you selling a home?

Selling a home involves much more than settling on a price. The law requires that all sales of real estate (to be enforceable) be handled through a written contract. The law also imposes various obligations on sellers, lenders, and realtors, including but not limited to property disclosures, financing disclosures, and broker disclosures.

How can an attorney help a real estate seller? An attorney can:

  • Review the listing agreement with the seller's real estate agent;
  • Review the buyer's Offer to Purchase, or draft or review the seller's Counteroffer and amendments;
  • Help satisfy contingencies to the Offer;
  • Draft the deed and other legal documents required to close the sale;
  • Advise the seller at closing to be sure all closing documents, including financial arrangements and others are in order; and
  • Advise the seller if you decide to sell on a Land Contract - Installment Sales Agreement

As a seller, why work with Brian Bronsther as your real estate attorney?

The Bronsther Law Firm, P.C. has comprehensive experience representing residential and commercial property owners, mortgage lenders, real estate agencies, and even sellers who market their own property ("For Sale By Owner" also known as "FSBO"). Our real estate work includes conducting closings, handling transactions and drafting and reviewing contracts for residential and commercial real estate transactions, as well as drafting loan documents for lenders.

If legal conflicts or questions arise at any point during the course of the sale, only an attorney can provide you legal advice.

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